Occupational Therapy & Skill Building

giving kids the confidence to learn and grow

Opportunities for sensory exploration are endless and nature provides obstacles to meet the "just right challenge" need of any skill level. The mind of a skilled OT can turn any activity into one that generates motivated learning and growth. The combination of intention and environment meets challenging goals while your child thinks they're just "playing in the park."

As NYC settles into the "new normal," we are keenly aware of how burnt out parents and kids are with virtual learning. You would probably not be surprised to hear that therapists and teachers feel the same frustration. In an effort to maintain safety and social distancing, Sensation will now offer therapy and enrichment in our own "backyard" (aka Central Park) or other suitable outdoor spaces. However, since weather is unpredictable, instead of ONLY offering outdoor sessions and classes we decided to supplement our outdoor programming with online classes or sessions when inclement weather interferes with our fun. Our innovative dual program provides the advantage of the world’s greatest sensory gym, Central Park, with the additional flexibility and peace of mind offered through our virtual back-up plan.

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Founded in 2004, our therapists implement therapeutic strategies proven to elicit everything from legible handwriting, positive self-esteem, increased focus, improved social skills and a deep sense of accomplishment... all in a fun, structured and warm environment.

When it comes to working with your child, we are on your team.

From the second we walked in, [Chaya] was on OUR team. Then, [as soon as] the second session with Chaya I saw a change for the better in my son. After a month [my son] had gained self confidence, self respect, [and] self regulation.

My son genuinely enjoys his time at Sensation with Chaya and her team. He always asks when he can go back next.



Sensation provides occupational therapy and enrichment for children. We give kids the physical, sensory, social, cognitive, and emotional skills they need to learn and grow.



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