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Giving Exhausted Parents Expert Strategies to Help Their Struggling Kids Succeed

Without Tantrums!

(I'm l      king at YOU - parents)


Go From Combatant to Ally

Hi I'm Chaya!

I’m an occupational therapist and founder of Sensation New York. I help busy parents get their kids out the door on time, fully dressed, and with completed homework.

If you’ve ever thrown your hands up in despair because you can’t get your kid to “JUST DO IT ALREADY!”, you’re in the right place. I’ve worked with families just like yours for over 20 years.
Through Sensation’s OT services, classes, and coaching, you will give your kids the skills they need to learn and grow to be competent, independent, and confident.

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“[Chaya] Has So Much Knowledge And Enjoys Helping And Sharing…. She Has Allowed Me To Be A Mom At Home And Not Have Tons Of Stresses Trying To Help My Kid In Ways That I'm Not Trained.”

— Boy’s mom NYC

“All Of The Testers Are Surprised At How Well [My Son] Writes. I Tell Them He Had Help From The Best!! :)”

-Text from parent

 Our Boundless Creativity Transforms Frustrated Kids Into Successful Learners.  Confident Kids are Happier! (and so are their parents   )