Hey! I'm Chaya! I teach kids super-hard stuff....

and they LIKE IT! 


How did I get here? Well, I'm the creative daughter of a fine artist. I've loved kids since I fed my "baby alive" doll in my little rocking chair.  I majored in theatre because I love to entertain, got a license in massage therapy because I love to make people feel better and studied to be a clinical social worker to get inside their minds. - All this to say I'm a mish mash and by "figuring things out" I became an OT, started treating kids as an idependent provider for the NYC Dept. of Education, Opened N Y Sensation as an independent agency, and then turned a small, two bedroom condo in Manhattan into a boutique sensory gym called Sensation New York.


With our new world safety resrictions I'm now figuring out how to continue to make our kids great through effective and exciting virtual and remote training . 

I figure out the most effective and fun ways to figure stuff out! 

I hold Certifications as an Interactive Metronome Provider, a Size Matters Handwriting Program Therapist, and Instructor, and I'm not done learning.

I want all kids to feel confident and strong NO MATTER what is in their way. 


Sensory Gym

The Place It Started

We are limiting to one child at a time with everyone wearing masks and all precautions and sanitizing in place.

Pediatrics in the Park

When Weather Permits

Layers and movement will protect us. Only severe weather will cancel sessions

Virtual Occupational Therapy

We've been upping our remote therapy game with innovative activities, modalities, and technology to make virtual therapy as valuable as in=person treatment. 


Virtual Handwriting Classes

We use proven concepts that improve legbility remarkably fast


May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Brain/Body/Beat Classes

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

1:1 skill tutoring


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