Connect with your baby and other moms - Have fun and get valuable information

All classes include yoga-based breathing, movement exercises, handling demonstrations, music, group activity, developmental milestone lesson, Q&A, and peer discussions. 

Ready, Set, Roll Over!  (6 weeks to 6 months old)

Your baby has FINALLY arrived! Now what?!  Relax, we know what to expect and will give you all the tools you need to keep your baby happy and healthy. Our curriculum includes troubleshooting feeding, gas and sleeping struggles.  BONUS: don’t miss this opportunity for making local mommy and baby friendships.

Sit, Creep, Crawl (7-12 months old)

It’s time for your baby to explore their world. They are learning the push/pull dynamic of life and we give you the confidence to let them reach for the stars while keeping them safe and strong. Bonus: Learn from other moms and discover different approaches to similar challenges.

Stand Up and Pay Attention (13-18 months old)

It’s now a balancing act. Getting in, out, over, under and around life’s obstacles may be challenging but with the right support and encouragement will start their journey on sure footing.

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