Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

✔ You're constantly finding bruises from them randomly bumping into things around them.

✔ You're always too tired to read them a bedtime story (cuz you had to fight to get on their PJs).

✔ You feel frustrated that you can't get them to follow directions

✔ You're frequently thinking they are way too quiet and shy.


Imagine what it would feel like if you understood exactly what they needed to AVOID the meltdowns and participate in life without all the struggle.

What if I told you that you could...

 ✔ Give rewards more often than consequences

✔ Allow your kid to explore without worrying about another trip to urgent care. 

✔ Help your kid complete an assignment with neither of you breaking into tears.

✔ Read what your kid wrote without asking what it says.

✔ Know that they are learning at their optimum pace 





  • teach new ways of approaching tasks

  • break down activities into achievable (step-by-step) mini goals

  • use a multi-sensory approach

  • adapt the environment

  • re-train your child's ability to focus and maintain attention

  • offer recommendations for changes to make at home or school

Sensory Gym

Our boutique gym that started it all.  We are opening up with limited capacity to asssure sanitization.  Safety precautions are mandatory.

Remote OT

With engaging and innovative activities and interventions, this modality is effective while staying as safe as possible