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  • AlphaTrangle

    SKU: SKU: SM-AT1

    The Ultimate Handwriting Teaching Tool


    The Alphatrangle™ is the ultimate handwriting teaching tool. Supporting the Size Matters Handwriting Program, Size One upper case letters are outlined in pink, lower case in pink boxes. Size Two are in yellow squares. Size Three are in blue. Super C letters are in-lined in red. Starting Points are noted. An exact 12”, the Alphatrangle can be used as a ruler or a straight edge. The ideal angle for viewing, it pairs printing cues and letter size information with colorful pictures. Plus, its PVC finish makes it impossible to scratch off or write on.

    • Description

      • Supports the Size Matters Handwriting Program
        • All upper case letters are outlined in pink (Size One)
        • Size One lower case are in pink boxes
        • Size Two lower case are in yellow boxes
        • Size Three lower case are in blue boxes
      • Places important information within the child’s line of vision
      • Great for home and school
      • “Super C” letters are in-lined
      • Includes precise ruler measurements
      • Exact 12”
      • Highlights letters according to size
      • Eliminates messy desk syndrome
      • Cannot be written on, erased, or scratched off
      • Sound symbol correspondence pictures are also found in the Letterbox Worksheets
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