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  • Journal Books Set of 12

    Using Kindergarten, First, Second, or Third
    Adapted Writing Paper, these journals
    feature black lines with thickened bottom
    lines. Kindergarten Journals have two
    long white letterboxes inside textured
    backgrounds with a large space at the top
    of the page for drawings. First, Second and Third Grade books include margin
    lines. Handsome covers display the
    writing lines inside. Grade levels are
    discretely noted on the back.
    This is a Green Product. The cover is
    made from Post-Consumer Recyclable
    paper. The paper is made from
    sustainable Eucalyptus plants.


    Smart. Clean. Kids and adults love this!

    • Description

      • 56 pages of our unique adapted writing paper with thickened bottom lines in each
      • Four different level books: Kindergarten, First, Second and Third
      • Coding is discretely placed on the back binding
      • Cleanest and brightest paper available
      • Printed with black lines, including margin lines for 1, 2 and 3
      • Each pack contains 12 books.
    Grade Level