First Step in Printing

The Letterbox Worksheets are wipe-off sheets that begin the Size Matters Handwriting Program. Each zipper envelope contains all 62 sheets of Upper case, Lower case, and Numbers worksheets. Ten fun activities on each page include learning Letter name, Letter Size, Writing Lines, Letter Line Equations, The Rules, Go Lines and Finish Lines and more. After completing the first eight exercises, cover the page to the Finish Line. What Letter Lines make up this letter? What size is this letter? And what’s the Rule?
Pictures on each page are the same as the one on the Alphatrangles to encourage carryover. Books are in alphabetical order.

Letterbox Worksheets

  • NEW and IMPROVED! Upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers are now all packaged together in one convenient zipper envelope.

    • 62 Single Wipe-Off Sheets
    • Great for preschoolers or beginner writers
    • 12 3/4″ wide by 8″ high
    • Teaches SMHP concepts like Letter Line and Letter Size rules
    • Cover up to the Finish Line review
    • First quiz!!


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