Measuring 12” x 18”, the six different posters reinforce Key Concepts in the Size Matters Handwriting Program. Colorful and kid-friendly, it is recommended that teachers use the Poster Series to teach the Concepts before hanging them, and in grades not using the Student Workbooks.

This product comes as a set of 6:

  • Super C to the Rescue comic
  • Letter Size Rules
  • Meatball Man
  • Super C letters
  • The Dice Game
  • Letter Line Names

Everything you need to teach printing!


    • Six attractive and colorful high gloss posters
    • 12” X 18”. Three are designed horizontally. Three are designed vertically.
    • Can be reused year after year
    • Teach Key Concepts
    • Suitable for laminating
    • May be hung, stapled or thumbtacked onto walls to remind students about Letter Lines, Letter Size, Super C and Spaghetti and Meatball pacing
    • Available individually or as part of the Writing Bundle


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