Forms A and B work with the Size Matters Handwriting Program. Form A has 11 steps and progresses from Size One upper case letters to Size One lower case, Size Two, Size Three, 3-4 letter words with mixed sizing, 5-6 letter words with mixed sizing and 7-10 letter words with mixed sizing. Seven trial boxes per Step are present on each grid with two grids per page. If criterion for advancement is not achieved in 7 trials, users should continue this step on the grid below, and then on the back of the page. Score for Size. Errors of Shape, Space, Slant, Directionality, Omission, Recall, Case Substitution, Horizontal and Reversals are noted for treatment purposes. 

Once 7-10 letters words are mastered, advance to Steps 12-15 on Form B. Form B tracks Letter Size, Spacing and copying skills of short phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Score for Spaghetti and Meatball Spacing, as well as Size. Note whether student used a Direct Line copy, Near Point, Mid Point or Far Point, and if the sample was lined, unlined or not present.

Form C scores Individual Education goals. Four scales are offered including A-Amount of Prompt/Assistance, B-Type of Prompt, C-Quality of Task Completion and D-Carryover. If none of these rubrics addresses the listed goal, space is provided to CREATE YOUR OWN!

Fast quantifiable data

Progress Monitoring Forms

PM- Forms : Choose one
  • Features:

    • Form folds and is printed on both sides for efficiency and environmental friendliness
    • Likert Scaling is fast and valid
    • Data collection scores the amount of input therapists provide to promote success along with the quality of the child’s output (i.e. finished product)
    • Use with:
      • Student Workbooks
      • Journals
      • Master Guide
      • Any writing project
      • Individual IEP goals
      • Therapist Manual
      • Teacher Manual


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