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  • Student Workbook

    SKU: SM-SW

    The Student Workbook teaches Key Concepts and individual Letters in fun pre-writing and printing practice pages.  Ten fun activities on each page identify Letter Size, Letter Lines, Starting Points, Initial Lines and Touch Points. SMHP Student Workbooks are fun, effective, efficient and a proven way of learning to print.

    SMHP has only one grade level of workbook with only single letters on each page.  Ideal for Kindergarten or below, it is also recommended Year One for First Grade, and any year for students with intellectual disabilities or other Special Needs, and adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, CVA, Parkinson’s or other physical or cognitive impairments.

    • Description

      •  Introduces Size Matters concepts
      • 10 child-friendly/client-friendly learning activities per page
      • Which letter is Star-Worthy?’ includes 4 incorrectly sized letters/numbers on each page as well as a correct one
      • This favorite exercise promotes critiquing and empowerment
      •  The Dice Game provides students with a say in their practice
      •  Additional Practice Pages are included after every 2-5 letters or numbers