This comprehensive guide has everything a teacher needs to teach handwriting everyday, all day, across the curriculum. Lesson Plans for each Practice Page of the Student Workbook include Objectives, Materials needed, Written Language Production Standards, and extension activities. Verbal prompting is both detailed and simplified as in: Keep it Simple! Accommodations for students with Special needs are noted, too.

Year Two options are presented in varied forms, including:

  • Prewriting and Printing Overview
  • Accelerated Grade Level Instruction
  • 62 Step-by-Step Checklist
  • In 5 Simple Units

Write lesson plans and teach the Size Matters Handwriting Program with ease!

Jam-packed for printing success!

Teacher Manual

    • Written Language Production Standards
    • Initial, Formative and Summative Assessments
    • Strategies to do Before, During and After Lessons
    • Extension Activities to increase or decrease challenge or difficulty
    • Accommodations for students with Special Needs
    • Day to Day Lesson Plans
    • Copying Rubrics
    • Keep it Simple Verbal Cuing
    • More tips for teachers, parents and therapists


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