This comprehensive guide describes how to use all the handwriting-related materials for the Size Matters Handwriting Program. Thoughtfully illustrated and laid out, it identifies strategies to accommodate, differentiate and motivate students of all ability levels.

Chapters are organized into the various employment capacities Occupational Therapists find themselves, and the various ways in which handwriting and SMHP can be addressed, including:

  • As an adjunct to existing handwriting instructional programs
  • As a therapeutic pullout treatment
  • As a push-in lesson
  • For piloting SMHP
  • As a pullout model above Kindergarten
  • In Preschool and Kindergarten
  • In school settings without Student Workbooks
  • For homeschool, home programs and materials


Therapist Manual

    • Research-based and literature supported
    • Dozens of implementation options
    • Pilot Program Strategies
    • Regular and Special Education Curriculum Guidelines
    • Overview of Supportive Materials
    • IEP Goal Writing wording
    • Progress Monitoring. How to collect data
    • Parent, teacher and therapist friendly
    • Easy to read and implement
    • Identifies Accommodations for Special Needs
    • Appendices of Charts
      • Instructions for Letter Forms
      • Letter by Letter
      • Letter Line/Number Line Equations
      • Written Language Production Standards with companion SMHP strategies, concepts and homework
    • As a Center Time Option
    • In Response to Intervention
    • In Regular and Special Education Curriculum

    Proven, Measurable, Embed-able and Fast!


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