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What is SMHP?


The Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP), created by Doctor Beverly, H. Moskowitz, is the most efficient way to create confident handwriters.  "Dr. Bev" saw that when the focus was simply shifted from letter FORMATION to letter SIZE  the students' writing became more readable.

AND THEN......  her method was PROVEN ! 

In the largest research study ever done on handwriting.  SMHP has quickly become a game-changer across the country.   

What kids LOVE about SMHP


Once kids learn "the rules" (there are only 3!) they get to score their own letters, earn stars, and roll the dice when they mess up and don't earn a "perfect score".  It's always a gamble. Will they roll high or low? 

What's important about handwriting? 


 In today's electronic world you might think we don't need neat handwriting.  Well... we do.  

Research shows that when children are engaged in printing, their brains are stimulated comparable to that of adults.  Kids also learn how to read more easily when they are learning how to write at the same time.  But WAIT... There's more!  When they sit for their SATs, their essay must be handwritten and MUST BE legible to get credit. Want more reasons?  Call us.

Achieving legibility is as easy as: