Results in handwriting legibility and proficiency can be seen in 30 days or less with regular practice.

Chaya Gottesman is proud to be the first Occupational Therapist in the State of New York with a certification in the evidence-based-program, Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP).


SMHP, created by Doctor Beverly H. Moskowitz, is the most efficient way to create confident hand writers. "Dr. Bev" saw that when the focus was simply shifted from letter FORMATION to letter SIZE the students' writing became more readable. Her method has since been backed by the largest research study done in handwriting


The only way to achieve legible handwriting is to PRACTICE it.  

But how do we get our kiddos to learn and practice their writing?  

Just the way you hide veggies in your child’s favorite dish, the Size Matters Handwriting Program embeds its concepts into objective, achievable lessons that empower your kids by getting to score their own work.

Most Handwriting Curriculums focus on letter formation but recent research has proven that uniform letter size leads to legible handwriting. Focus on size, form will follow. 

SMHP uses fun and games of chance to encourage children to become excited and motivated to challenge themselves to slow their writing down and focus on their motor control.

The ultimate result? Uniform letter size which means LEGIBLE HANDWRITING.


Intake sample: We want to make sure that we can support your child to the best of our ability, therefore, an initial intake assessment will need to be completed prior to starting services. Use the form below to request a call to discuss how Sensation can support you and your child.

Individual sessions: Tele-therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes. This includes 45 minutes of direct therapy services, as well as 15 minutes to take data, update caregivers or clients on progress, discuss therapy techniques to carry over via email or telephone. 

Group classes: Virtual small group instruction is available. Groups can serve up to six students at a time, and participating students are expected to be able to work in a small group setting and may need parental participation to keep up with the activities. Groups will include students of similar ages and will be 4 weeks in length for 50 minutes each session.


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