as a curriculum and an intervention

Chaya Gottesman is the first Certified Therapist and Instructor in the State of New York of the evidence-based Size Matters Handwriting Program (SMHP).


SMHP, created by Doctor Beverly H. Moskowitz, is the most efficient way to create confident hand writers.  When "Dr. Bev" saw that when the focus was simply shifted from letter FORMATION to letter SIZE the students' writing became more readable. Her method has since been backed by the largest research study done in handwriting.

When first introduced as a curriculum  SMHP teaches the basic components of the structure and formation of each letter with unique letter line descriptions and a revolutionary technique for understanding directionality. These, along with the rules for letter-size and then word and sentence spacing completes the foundation for consistently legible writing. 

For children who never received instruction or have an underlying motor, sensory, or visual coordination difficulty, SMHP provides a concrete and objective set of rules combined with an engaging method for repetition and practice that works as an intervention for the remediation of illegible writing. 

The best part is that the children are directly engaged in taking responsibility for their improvements by scoring their own work.  When they are clear about what the rules are and can assess the specific errors they are empowered to make significant changes to the legibility of their own writing.